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Meant To Be Calligraphy in Brides


We’ve been keeping this under wraps for a couple of months now and so are excited that we can finally share: our lettering is featured in the December 2012 issue of Brides Magazine! That’s our Glade lettering style adorning a block print invitation created by artist and print maker Katharine Watson. The invitation is part of a feature on how to use the color red to create an unforgettable “holiday-hued” wedding. It was a thrill to collaborate with Katharine – her work in block printing has quickly become nationally recognized – and it is exciting to see how the whole feature came together.

Chalk It Up

Meant To Be Calligraphy

To my delight, I am often asked to create chalkboard signage for wedding and events. I always enjoy the process of designing and executing in chalk and chalk ink, whether it be to create a seating chart (as I did for Shannon + Dave), bar signs (like those I created for Kelly + Kevin), welcome greetings (like the board I wrote out for Heather + Patrick) or a menu, which is what I created most recently for bride Tori’s wedding to groom Christian this past weekend.

Tori was referred to me by event designer extraordinaire Laura Ritchie of Events in the City and, in addition to creating adorable little hanging seating cards (shown below in a collage Laura shot during Tori and Christian’s wedding reception), Tori also asked me to use my Glade lettering style to write out a menu of the delicious meal in store for the couple’s guests. To me, the only downside to working on menus is that inevitably the mouth-watering descriptions end up making me hungry and just a tad bit jealous of the lucky guests! In any case, this particular menu was very fun to write and I am thrilled to have been able to assist with the wedding preparations for this sweet bride to her groom. Cheers, Tori + Christian!!

Events in the City

Mirror, Mirror

Amber Karson Events

Amber Karson Events

Thanks to the lovelies at Amber Karson Events, I recently had the pleasure of creating “Day Of” calligraphy in my Rockwell lettering style for bride Courtney and her groom Moshe. In addition to a passel of pretty table markers and some gloriously large place cards (both shown above right on this fun collage Amber shot during Courtney and Moshe’s wedding reception), I also wrote out a large-scale seating chart on a mirror (shown both above left and, in a close-up, below). Seating charts can be challenging because unless everything lines up correctly and looks straight, they can look like a hot mess. Writing one out on a mirror adds an extra layer of complexity because as you write, you see the writing tool twice – once as it really is and then again in the mirror. The results, however, are so lovely – especially when set against gorgeous flowers and the glow of candlelight, which is how Amber and Emily styled this particular setting. We were so honored to play a small part in such a beautiful and momentous day for the happy couple – here’s to many joyful years for Courtney and Moshe!!

Meant To Be Calligraphy

Meant To Be Calligraphy


Sweet Soiree Signage

ExPats in Paris – 5th Annual end of the of summer party from Thomas Bowen Films

Last week three of our favorite event stylist and planning firms – the ladies from Atrendy Wedding, Engaging Affairs and Simply Chic Events – came together to host a fabulous end-of-summer party and they asked Meant To Be Calligraphy to create some fun signage to be displayed throughout Josephine Lounge where the event took place. So, using my Durham lettering style, I created a couple of messages on mirrors, including the large “thank you” sign below and one luring guests to try some of the being-made-on-the-spot caramelized doughnuts (which you can see in the very fun video above by Thomas Bowen Films), plus some bar menus featuring the night’s signature cocktails and (also shown in the video) an oversized sign to welcome all of the guests. A good time was had by all and so just thought I would share a little peek at my handiwork here.

Meant To Be Calligraphy

Meant To Be Calligraphy

Real Wedding: Lindsey + Rich

Three Lights Photography

I was so excited to see photos of Lindsey and Rich’s wedding at Washington, D.C.’s posh Willard International Hotel pop up on the Three Lights Photography blog earlier this week. Photographer Laura Luis did an incredible job capturing all of the exquisite details of the day and, most importantly, the wonderful time that was clearly had by both the happy couple as well as their family and friends. I definitely recommend popping over to Three Lights to see the rest of the photos from this wedding – total eye candy!!

Lindsey was referred to Meant To Be Calligraphy by the fabulous gals at Hitched Salon in Georgetown where she purchased her wedding stationery, and I had the pleasure of working with her and Rich for well over a year – first I addressed their save the dates, then later, their gorgeous invitations and finally wrote out Day Of items such as seating cards for their reception, all in my Walker lettering style. Along the way I had the chance to meet not only Lindsey and Rich, but also Lindsey’s mom and her twin sister – so fun! It’s having the opportunity¬† to work with total sweethearts such as Lindsey that makes me love my job.

Three Lights Photography


Stamp Away!

Meant To Be Calligraphy Durham Custom Calligraphy Stamp Set

Meant To Be Calligraphy

We were so happy to see our return address stamps pop up today on The Stationery Place! If you did not already know, Meant To Be Calligraphy offers lovely custom return address and stationery letterhead stamps both individually and in sets. As blogger Lyndsey notes in her Stationery Place post, there is something so elegant about holding your very own address carved into a wood block and having the opportunity to stamp it in any color you like, and we heartily agree.

In fact, just yesterday my son, Jack, turned 5 and we celebrated with an Olympic Birthday Competition. As we wrote thank you notes to Jack’s friends, he was delighted to stamp his name on stationery and pop our address on the envelopes – clearly a love of stamps starts young! So, check out our Meant To Be Calligraphy Etsy shop and indulge in one for yourself or someone you love. See if you don’t find it as gratifying as Jack & I do!

Meant To Be Calligraphy Palmer Custom Calligraphy Stamp Set

Meant To Be Calligraphy

Summer Lovin’

As we say goodbye to July, I wanted to share four quick snapshots of my summer so far:

Meant To Be Calligraphy's Flint Lettering Style

JWS Photography

No. 1: Our new lettering style “Flint.” Most of our lettering styles (i.e. Robertson, Smith, Durham) fondly steal the last names (but not the first names or mailing addresses) of family and friends, and Flint is no exception. As Michele blogged earlier, July began with a 6 day power outage inspiring generous and humorous moments up and down our block. One such moment was a late evening rain that found one of our neighbors cart-wheeling in her front yard, a fitting solution to an extended existence of living in 105 degree heat without air-conditioning. Accordingly (and with a nod to the original, cartwheeling Mrs. Flint), our “Flint” lettering style reflects modern elegance and that touch of whimsy in all of us.

No. 2: A Gin Rickey. After one of the warmest weeks of my life, my husband and I celebrated the return of our air-conditioning at The Passenger in Mt. Vernon Square toasting a couple of refreshing Gin Rickeys. Have you had one? We had not. It was created over 100 years ago by a DC lobbyist, Colonel Joe Rickey, and according to our waitress, some say it should be DC’s signature cocktail. Try one this summer and see what you think!

No. 3: Bellwether Events and Katie Stoops Photography both launched new websites! We would like to congratulate our friends Janice and Katie on their brand new looks. Having recently completed this significant task ourselves we applaud not only the result but the work that goes into it! We have been fortunate to have worked with both of them on many occasions and are excited for future collaborations.

No. 4: I finished off this month with college friends on Martha’s Vineyard! Lovin’ Summer!

Lobster Lovin' at Larsens on Martha's Vineyard

Meant To Be Calligraphy