JWS Photography


My love for calligraphy started early in my life. One of my earliest memories is of my father, who was himself a career hand-lettering artist, teaching me how to draw a perfectly symmetrical capital A. My mother furthered my interest by enrolling me in my first calligraphy class when I was in primary school. And although I started my adult life as a journalist, interviewing celebrities and writing about entertainment, pop culture and food for a national magazine, I happily pushed my computer away and picked up my pen when I launched Meant To Be Calligraphy in 2009. Since then, I’ve had the opportunity to provide gorgeous lettering for a host of amazing clients. I spend my days playing with paper and ink and love every minute of it!


Kristin Frentzel Regen

Studio Director

My love of paper began early, when I would eagerly run out to the mailbox each day to see if there were any letters waiting. As I got older and moved around a lot, sending and receiving “real mail” brought me joy and was always the thing that tied me to home and kept me connected with friends and family. While planning my wedding in 2010, I discovered the the beauty of hand lettering, the satisfaction of finding the perfect wording, and the power of a good envelope liner, and a whole new creative world opened up. I left my job as a senior manager in the government to start a graphic design studio specializing in custom wedding stationery, and it was then that I was lucky enough to meet and partner with Michele. I took a break for a few years to pursue my greatest creative adventure thus far, raising two children, so I was thrilled when the opportunity arose to join Meant To Be Calligraphy. It is a dream to work alongside Michele as she creates beautiful and lasting art for our clients and helps spread joy to people and mailboxes around the world.