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Meant To Be Calligraphy Durham Custom Calligraphy Stamp Set

Meant To Be Calligraphy

We were so happy to see our return address stamps pop up today on The Stationery Place! If you did not already know, Meant To Be Calligraphy offers lovely custom return address and stationery letterhead stamps both individually and in sets. As blogger Lyndsey notes in her Stationery Place post, there is something so elegant about holding your very own address carved into a wood block and having the opportunity to stamp it in any color you like, and we heartily agree.

In fact, just yesterday my son, Jack, turned 5 and we celebrated with an Olympic Birthday Competition. As we wrote thank you notes to Jack’s friends, he was delighted to stamp his name on stationery and pop our address on the envelopes – clearly a love of stamps starts young! So, check out our Meant To Be Calligraphy Etsy shop and indulge in one for yourself or someone you love. See if you don’t find it as gratifying as Jack & I do!

Meant To Be Calligraphy Palmer Custom Calligraphy Stamp Set

Meant To Be Calligraphy

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