One Pretty Pineapple

Carla Ten Eyck

We always love when our clients spur us on to try something new. So when bride-to-be Heather asked me if, in addition to writing out seating cards for her and her fiance Patrick, I also could draw a pineapple on a vintage chalkboard to accompany a hand-lettered explanation in my Durham style of why the prickly fruit is considered a symbol of hospitality, I was pretty excited – and maybe a little bit nervous. Although I love to create pretty lettering, I do not consider myself much of an artist (at least not yet!). So when it came time to execute the design, I started out sort of hesitantly. But after the first few lines were in place, it all started to come together and by the end I was really pleased – the drawing definitely looked like a pineapple, and a pretty one at that! So thank you, Heather, for letting me work on such a fun project and for letting me be a part of the wedding preparations for you and Patrick. I am so happy for you both!! Everyone else: you can see more photos of this GORGEOUS and touching wedding over at Style Me Pretty today. Carla Ten Eyck’s photos are out of this world and perfectly capture both the joy on Heather and Patrick’s faces and the beautiful details – I am still swooning over Heather’s dress and bouquet – that they so carefully curated.


  1. Heather

    Michele! Thank you so much! You did an amazing job and are the most wonderful person to work with. I am singing your praises to everyone! XOXO